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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a great military simulation sport in which players engage in battles with replica weapons and military tactics. Airsoft started in Japan during the mid-1970s, mainly because it was illegal to own firearms. It was first designed and marketed in the United States about 30 years ago. Airsoft was created for a purely recreational activity in mind, for people who enjoy target practice or simply having a great time with friends and family.

Airsoft as a recreational sport followed almost immediately with the release of the guns. Airsoft Games are fairly like Paintball Games. Airsoft Guns shoots 6mm Plastic BBs. Airsoft is designed for use in a certified or regulated sporting events and competitions. Airsoft Guns are also used in military or civil defense activities as well as a great option for theatrical productions and movies.

What is the difference between Airsoft and Paintball? Which is better?

Paintball and airsoft are two different sports which are quite similar in their own ways, that have come to exist under the same roof. They provide varied experiences and cater to separate groups of individuals.

Paintball is the more well-known and popular option, which uses small paint balls, shot from air powered guns that focuses on teamwork, strategy, and stealth.

Airsoft is a popular combat simulation game where participants are eliminated when hit by pellets launched from guns that resemble real firearms creating a more realistic experience for its players.

Paintball is a more expense sport as compared to Airsoft, because you run through more consumables, which are also more expensive. Airsoft Bbs tend to cost a fraction of the cost even for high end Ammo.

Because Paintballs are bigger and have more mass than an Airsoft pellet, they carry more kinetic energy and inflict more damage to human targets. Paintball gear is specialized, so you can’t just purchase regular military and tactical equipment for load-carrying, gun bags, etc.

Airsoft hit the US big around the late 90’s, early 2000’s on the back of new technology (the Automatic Electric Gun or AEG), and the Internet, The AEG system meant you now had a completely-contained, select-fire weapon that worked very similar to its real-world guns and uses magazines that were the same size as real world clips. The guns worked mostly the same way they did in the real world: sniper rifles were sniper rifles, machine guns were machine guns, shotguns were shotguns.

Airsoft Sport is not as messy as paintball, which means you won’t get your clothes stained with paint, and the airsoft BBs don’t hurt as much.

How to distinguish between a real gun and an airsoft gun?

All Airsoft guns would have mandatory Orange tip at the end of the barrel, which signifies it to be an Airsoft gun and not a real gun. Some states have additional Orange marking requirements as well.

How are the gas, spring and electric airsoft guns different from each other? Pros and Cons? Choosing your first Airsoft Gun

Primarily there are 3 basic types of Airsoft Guns Spring Powers Airsoft Guns

Spring-powered airsoft guns are single-shot devices that use potential energy stored in a spring to compress air to launch an airsoft BB down the barrel of the gun. They are generally more reliable and tend to offer decent amount of power for the price. They are generally cheaper and meant as collectors’ items.


  • Basic Entry level Airsoft Guns
  • Easy to operate and lesser maintenance.
  • Higher end bolt action snipers rifles can be easily upgraded by using high precision spring for greater FPS (Feet per second)
  • Use spring Power to fire plastic pellets. Use spring action to fire plastic pellets
  • Realistic, powerful and durable yet affordable spring Airsoft guns


  • Must be manually cocked prior to every shot
  • Due to cocking mechanism, they are not available in semi-automatic or automatic firing capabilities
  • Very Low-cost models generally have a low life expectancy
  • As these guns are entry level, they are commonly made up of plastic and not full metal

Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

These are by far the most popular guns on the market for all Airsofters and also the most popular choice for a sidearm, gas blowback airsoft pistols are highly realistic, high precision airsoft guns. There are 2 Types of Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns.

Gas Blow Back GBB Guns
A gas blowback airsoft gun utilizes green gas or CO2 Cartridges as a propellant/power source. The compressed air is used to expel the BB from the chamber without the need of cocking the slide every single time, like spring airsoft guns. The term blowback or GBB(Gas Blow Back) refers to the slide, which kicks back after each shot is fired, just like a real pistol. This “blowback” effect creates a very realistic recoil or Jolt, by replicating the slide movements of a real handgun when it is fired.

Non-Gas Blow Back Airsoft Guns
Non-blowbacks Gas Guns include the likes of pistols with fixed slides and revolvers – gas guns that do not have a kick back but still fire like a semi-automatic gun. There is no cocking of the slide necessary. They are a very cost-effective alternative to GBB, but lack the realism of gas blowback guns.


  • Automatic and semi-Automatic firing capability
  • Gas powered airsoft pistols popular due to their compact size and do not have constraints like AEG
  • Pistol GBB feature helps places the next pellet automatically, highly popular feature among all airsofters
  • Very realistic and most versatile option tends to be cheaper as compared to AEGs


  • GBB guns are More expensive than spring powered airsoft guns
  • Tends to be Sensitive to outside air temperature, especially during winters
  • Limited Power, depending upon the type of Gas(Green/Red/Black) being used
  • Gas Gun magazines can freeze causing malfunctions
  • Gas canisters can be costly



Electric Airsoft Guns, also known as Automatic Electric Guns (AEG)

Electric-powered or Battery Powered airsoft guns use a rechargeable battery to drive an electric motor, which in-turn cycles power to an internal piston/spring assembly in order to launch pellets. Automatic and semi-automatic operation is key features for these guns, popularly called as “automatic electric guns” or AEGs.

Airsoft electric guns are powered primarily by NiCad in lower-end entry level models or NiMH, mostly in higher ends more expensive metal gearbox models. The most common type of battery is an 8.4v battery which usually comes as standard in most of the high-powered electric airsoft guns which have features such as full metal bodies and full metal reinforced gearboxes/internals.

Starter/Mid-Leveled airsoft electric guns
Starter or entry level AEGs have mechanical/electrical design and operation that are extremely like their high-performance counterparts, but they offer great values. They are commonly used as a great target practice weapons, backyard plinkers, and some are even capable of light combat airsoft game.

Airsoft AEPs [automatic Electric Pistols]
AEPs (Automatic Electric Pistols, are often considered better sidearms and a great alternative to gas powered pistols, because batteries are not as badly affected by cold freezing weather.

AEP airsoft guns have cleverly designed gearboxes and motors that replicate electric rifle function/power while housing the entire assembly in the confines of a pistol’s body.


  • Preferred by most field airsofters – especially airsoft rifles AEGs
  • No manual cocking required, like spring Airsoft Guns
  • Rapid semi-automatic and Automatic firing capabilities
  • Can be Used in all hot and cold weather conditions
  • Many upgrade options are easily available


  • Frequent battery recharging
  • Battery life differs depending on battery quality and brand
  • Can malfunction in wet conditions
  • Electric pistols have a toy like appearance
  • Magazine & battery space is vert restricted on pistols, due to compact size

AEG Gearboxes

  • Metal gearboxes – Produce significantly more power, Are expensive and allow faster firing at greater FPS
  • Plastic gearboxes – Usually found in entry level AEG, produce less power as compared to Metal gearboxes, less expensive and Less power(lower FPS)

High pressure air (HPA) Airsoft Guns

HPA Airsoft Guns are a type of pneumatic weapon that use externally supplied high pressured air.


  • They are low maintenance as compared to their Gas-Powered counterparts
  • Rate of fire can also be easily changed, allows you to quickly modify the gun for a variety of fields.
  • Great trigger response like a traditional gas rifle.
  • These guns are not susceptible to cold weather, like traditional gas rifles guns are.


  • They are more expensive as compared to Gas powered and AEGs
  • Some fields have banned these guns

HPA tanks cannot be filled up at home and require specialized high pressured pumps

What is Hop Up?

Hop Up is a device inside the firing chamber of Gun, that puts backspin on the BB/Pellet, causing it to shoot further distances with even greater accuracy.

How do I use an Airsoft gun safely?

Airsoft guns are not just toys. We are Just Airsoft Guns advise all our customers to use safety equipment such as Tactical goggles, Full/Half face masks, layered clothing, Helmets, etc. as essential for protection against BB/pellet injuries.

How do you tell when someone is hit/dead in Airsoft Games?

Airsoft relies heavily on the ‘Honor-System’. When you get hit, you must declare yourself eliminated either by calling or raising your arm and follow the established rules of whatever group you are playing with. The simple core rule of the game is Honesty.