Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG upgrade High Quality Tune-up Spring (Power: 530~550 FPS)

  • Irregular pitch spring coils: Variable tension. Reduces stress, wear and tear for your gearbox
  • Strength: Made out of stainless steel. Increased tension and durability. Tension lasts 50% longer than other leading brands
  • Compatibility: Designed for all versions of Airsoft AEG gearboxes
  • Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG upgrade High-Quality Tune-up Spring M160 (Power: 530~550 FPS)

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AEG upgrade spring is the end result of research into some of the best selling springs on the market. Constructed of high-grade stainless steel and formed with an irregular pitch, the upgrade springs roll all of the desirable features found in the most popular springs into one easy to install upgrade spring, with greater reliability and performance than most in the same price bracket.


SRC Airsoft AEG Tip:

Always reset your spring by firing one shot in semi-automatic before putting it away.
M120 / 190% or stronger spring upgrade may require reinforcement of other gearbox internal parts.
9.6V or the Stronger battery may be required to power higher than stock springs.

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SRC are a Taiwanese airsoft manufacturer who bring affordable, high end, pre-upgraded and authentic replicas to the market. Using all metal gear boxes with all metal components such as bushings and spring guides you can not go wrong with one of the many choices they have to offer.
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 6 in

Spring Power Chart. (% / FPS)

FPS estimate based on average power output. Exact FPS result may vary based on alignment, installation, inner barrel, cylinder and other factors.

  • 120% (M90) ~280~340 F.P.S.
  • 130% (M95) ~290~370 F.P.S.
  • 140% (M100) ~320~380 F.P.S.
  • 150% (M110) ~330~390 F.P.S.
  • 160% (M113) ~340~400F.P.S.
  • 170% (M115) ~350~420 F.P.S.
  • 190% (M120) ~360~450 F.P.S.
  • 210% (M125) ~400~470 F.P.S.
  • 235% (M130) ~420~500 F.P.S.
  • 260% (M140) ~450~550 F.P.S.
  • 300% (M150) ~480~600 F.P.S.
  • M160 : ~530+ 20 F.P.S.
  • M170 : ~560+ 20 F.P.S.
  • M180 : ~595+ 20 F.P.S.
  • M190 : ~625 + 20 F.P.S.

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